Stop Racism In Soccer…Uh, I Mean Football

Some ads are so simple they just make you go, “Damn, that’s clever.” I haven’t had one of those moments recently until I saw this poster on AdLand for
For those of you Americans who don’t think much about soccer, the European soccer community is having a big problem with racism among its fans and players. It’s really bad. I mean, like “Let’s make monkey noises and throw banana peels at the black player” bad. Jews and Muslims get their share of crap, too, and recently a bunch of Croatians recently formed a human swastika in the stands. Also, here’s a Washington Post article that touches briefly on the issue in general. And a while back, HBO’s Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel did a feature on the subject.

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  1. usually it’s easy to do something good for what amounts to a charity/cause–homelessness, AIDS, etc. But i agree This is a pretty good ad, mainly because it’s specific to what’s going on over there. They have a lot of Neo-Nazi issues with soccer games. Even american players have complained about it, which i think is some of what made it a story here in the sates.
    but definitely a cool ad. i wonder if you need the line tho? maybe just the web address?
    just a thought.
    good story.

  2. What a powerful ad !
    Clever idea, good execution (i like the retro look).