“Steve Jobs” Is On The Blog

There are character blogs and then there are blogs written by characters who assume another’s identity. This type of blog has no known name and is rarely spotted. Yet, one has been located.
The contents of one post from earlier today is now before you:

HP wants to be cool like us
So they create a Web site where lame-ass losers do soccer tricks with their fingers and rolled-up paper balls. Riiiight. Great work there, Satjiv Chahil. And people still wonder why we fired you. HP’s snazzy new slogan is “The computer is personal again.” I guess because “Our buggy new operating system won’t be ready until late next year and we don’t have anything new to sell you” doesn’t have the same ring to it. Ha! Meow! Wait till you bitches see Leopard.

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  1. Why can there not be more 51.5 (more like 5/12) bad a$$ reckless guys like this in the midwest?

  2. Who would have thunk it? That fake steve was advertiseed here on this blog so long ago.
    I think I liked the old slogan better. And now with that latest article in the NYT about people in Silicon Valley and what they earn, I understand the meaning of Hoosier and homeless so much better.
    Inside we are all the same–place value and placing value.