Steffan Postaer Bought An Ad Here, Now It’s Your Turn

Steffan asked me if his ad buy would prevent us from covering him on the editorial side of the site. I said no, it wouldn’t. Frankly, I don’t live in that world of traditional advertising/editorial separation native to mainstream media. Nor does AdPulp. Some might fault me for it, and that’s fine, but I like to write about my friends in the business and I’ll continue to do so whether they run ads here or not. Does that make what I say any less believable? I suppose that’s for you to judge.
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    everything is ok ;] happy new year ;]]

  • paris hyatt

    Anyone else getting sick of reading about steffen postaer?
    I am.

  • David Burn

    Thanks for the feedback, Paris. Maybe you have an interesting story to tell. Oh, but you’re anonymous. Too bad.