Start Selling Online for Your New Company with Sales Techniques that Actually Work

shoppingcartIf you’re starting a new business, there is no way you can ignore the potential selling online provides. You can set up a store and sell all the same products you would in a normal store as you would online. In fact, many businesses do not even have a physical location. They only have a website to sell products. The main thing you need to learn if you want to join in the action is how you can create a website to sell without looking like an advertisement. It’s okay to use “salesy” language in advertising campaigns, but that language has no place in the typical website as most people turn to the web more for information, not sales tactics.

Competing with the Other Websites

The first thing you need to know when you’re producing a website is you’re not alone. Not even close. As of March 2012, there were 644,275,754 websites active on the Internet. This number has only grown since then and is expected to keep growing to over a billion sites. With so many websites out there, it may seem unattainable to compete, but the trick is to stop thinking about all the websites in the world and to start thinking about the businesses that are actually your competition on the Internet. Suddenly the numbers take a severe drop from hundreds of millions to a few hundred or as many as a few thousand. You only need to make sure you’re more attractive and appealing than those sites.

Consider how you’re going to set up the website, so it will have the appearance your users will appreciate. Ideally people hire designers to design their websites from scratch, this is often time-consuming and costly; however, companies like Shopify have emerged as a viable and credible alternative to this, as they often have hundreds of themes and designs to choose and give your business its very own unique identity without the exorbitant and time it requires if you hire a designer to do the job.

Present Yourself in a Better Light

Some sites make the decision to present themselves as the best in the industry. While this is a good idea when done properly what you don’t want to do is present your company arrogantly as the best. Showing pictures of the head of the company in a flashy suit in front of a large yacht will make your customers feel as .if you’re doing just fine on your own and likely, they will want not want to buy from you. The right way to present your new company as one that is the best in the industry is to prove it. Show your authority with better content. Show that you know your industry and your products. Your About Us page and the content on product pages are the best way you can present your company in the right light. If you do have a picture of the head of the company for a store, you should have him behind your sleek and modern iPad cash register station. The more you present your company as people, who are at the same station in life as your customers, the more likely it is they will want to do business with you.

Stop Trying to Sell and Just Sell

Some of the most successful salespeople are those who don’t focus on making the sale. While your tendency might be to include a lot of language directing the user to buy, you should instead focus on helping the user. Present your company, your products or your services as the best solution to the problem customers are having. This is the most logical solution, because everyone looking to buy something is looking to solve a problem. Whether the problem is not having enough clothes, or that their house needs an update, they’re looking for a solution. Show that you have the solution by describing your products or services as a way to solve specific problems. This will work a lot better if you talk with your customers about why they buy from you first.

Maintain Focus on One Product or Service at a Time

Even if your company offers many products or services, you should never lump them all into one page. According to Entrepreneur, offering fewer products in one place while including more information about each of the product or services always converts to more sales. One suggestion is to separate out your products or services into categories. You can also provide very short descriptions as teasers on the main page. Make it possible for the user to click on the product or the short description to get a longer description on a pop­up screen or in a new window. By having as much information as possible about the products or services you’re selling, people can get a true idea about what it is they’re thinking about buying. Making the decision to make the purchase will become their idea and they won’t be distracted by the rest of the products or services on the page.

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