Starship Song Butchered By Coffee Hacks

Having recently moved to a small town, I suppose I ought to feel lucky that we have a Starbucks (I don’t). After all, I’m hopelessly addicted to espresso. I won’t bore you with my anti-Starbucks rhetoric in this space, but I will redistribute this vitriolic post from Gawker.

As if their complete domination of New York City

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  • darby

    I can’t take it. So many terrible feelings…rushing, fast, to my brain. Please, turn it off…
    I was not aware that an already pathetic, god-awful song could be butchered to make it even worse, but it is obvious that Starbucks is just the group to do it.
    Like I needed one more reason to not go there.

  • Danny G

    Yow…that is painful to listen to.
    That song was used in a commercial a few years back “we built this business…” something or other.
    If you’re going to borrow a rock song, don’t make it the one voted “Worst Song of All-Time” by Blender magazine and VH1.