Spread Real Wings If You Want To Fly

I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Garden & Gun’s new editor, Sid Evans, in The New York Times this morning.
Here’s the heart of the piece:

“There’s a kind of arrogance here that anybody who’s not in New York isn’t here for a reason,” Mr. Evans said last week over elk chops and bourbon at Henry’s End, a restaurant in Brooklyn Heights near his apartment. “You really do begin to believe it, that the only smart people in the media are in New York.”

The same arrogance in media exists in advertising, despite the fact that many of the nation’s best agencies exist in Miami/Boulder, Portland, Minneapolis, Seattle, Richmond, Boston, Austin and San Francisco.

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  1. So true! Even after moving to New York from a famous Minneapolis agency, I still have to put up with that attitude about “flyover country” and anyone who comes from it.
    It’s provincialism at its best, from the one place that “prides itself” on not being provincial.
    That said, there is a reason I moved to New York…