Spotlight on NW Creative: Hammy’s Pizza

Hammy’s Pizza in Southeast Portland is not the perfect place for pompous snobs to eat.

Hammy’s Pizza ‘Pompous Snob Intro’ from Brian Belefant on Vimeo.

Portland actor Christopher Toyne portrays the antithesis of Hammy’s target — rich, elderly, and erudite — and he tries to convince viewers that he’s far too superior to enjoy Hammy’s pizza and movie offerings, but of course, he’s not. Subtitles are used to reveal the truth of the situation.
Writer and director, Brian Belefant, says the spot started running a couple of weeks ago and the response has been pretty amazing. “We’re furiously trying to strike while the iron’s hot — coming up with T-shirts, posters, guerrilla ads, and personal appearances.”
There’s also a follow up spot that helps promote Hammy’s five-dollar DVDs.

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