Spotlight On NW Creative: Sonic Branding by Rumblefish

Portland’s Rumblefish is a unique agency, to say the least. They specialize in sonic branding.
What’s sonic branding?
For Pabst Brewing, Rumblefish produced PBR-branded CDs and 7″ vinyl records and gave copies to the bands–no strings attached–to distribute to their fans. Bands were so enthusiastic about the project, many threw CD release parties on their own.
In 2005, Rumblefish worked with Red Bull on Red Bull’s Music Labs, a project that deserves some serious accolades in my book.
From creative direction and curriculum development to student selection, instructor recruitment, music production, and licensing expertise, Rumblefish was instrumental in getting the project off the ground.
One might ask why an energy drink would get involved in the production end of the music business. Fair enough. The answer is to help embed the lifestyle brand into the fabric of the culture.

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