Sponsored by Belgian Beer In A Can

Mother London is taking us back to an earlier black and white time to promote Stella Artois in an aluminum can.

According to Mother, the show is hosted by Alain du Monde, and consists of a sequence of nine episodes through which Alain, his robot butler Albert 3000, the Mondettes, and their guests show that being green and stylish need not be incompatible.
The campaign is supported by a comprehensive media spend, from Spotify takeovers, GQ partnerships and Metro cover wraps to an exclusive bloggers’ outreach program including luxurious three-course TV dinners delivered to 200 bloggers on the day of launch.
For the record, AdPulp received no such TV dinner. For that matter, we didn’t receive notice of the work at all. We had to hunt for the “news” on Fast Company.

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  1. So, is that “show” supposed to be funny, ironic, cute, or just fucking unbearably stupid?