Special Sauce To Make For Some Dope Rhymes

from Ad Age: Hip-hop artists have plugged in virtually every high-end brand from Cartier to Versace into their song lyrics. But now the Big Mac is about to get name dropped.

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  1. Dude, that’s right out of my blog entry of January 30, 2005.
    Talking about Flavor Flav:
    “At a fancy dinner party with immaculately groomed Como-ites, he’s a real corker. When a prosciutto appetizer is placed in front of him he says. “I don’t eat anything I don’t recognize. I recognize McDonalds. I recognize Kentucky Fried. I don’t recognize prosciutto” He also doesn’t eat fish unless it’s from McDonalds.
    This got me thinking the guy is the perfect spokesman for the fast food chain. The demographics are right on, and better than that, he believes in the product. With a name like Flavor, the ads write themselves. “IT’S TIME FOR MICKEY D’S, BWOYEE”. What kid wouldn

  2. Steve,
    The Flavor Flav clock necklace as Happy Meal premium is pure gold. You do deserve compensation (or large dig, in hip hop parlance) for that one.