Spec Spots For Burrito Maker Viewed By Millions

Ad Age reports that Chipotle has picked its winners in the chain’s college ad contest. The above entry from Dan Sheppard at University of Nebraska came in second. The video has been viewed 4,837,984 times (and counting) on YouTube. Try to imagine what kind of media buy would be needed to match these numbers.

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  • http://chasingmills.com Cristina

    Yes, but let’s not pretend there wasn’t a media buy involved. I wonder how much they spent on the media buy promoting the contest. There were ads everywhere!

  • theo kie

    Good point, Christina. Would there have been any similar kind of response without the promotional costs to support this “free” publicity?
    As for what kind of media buy you’d need to match these numbers, a one-time airing on Nick’s Spongebob Squarepants can give you these numbers plus about a half million more.