Speak Less, Listen Better

JCPenny wants men to buy diamonds, a.k.a. “get out of the doghouse free” cards. Not just for the store’s benefit, for the benefit of all. Witness:

For those who can’t afford a diamond gift this holiday season, the brand does offer a few tips. “Speak less, listen better. Apologize without caveat. Express your feelings. Help with the cooking. Offer to change diapers. Stop checking out other women in restaurants. Talk more but don’t interrupt.”
[Hat Tip] Marilyn M.

About David Burn

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  1. Great viral.

  2. This is hilarious. I wonder where they’re promoting it. It’s extremely expensive to put 4+ mins on TV. Is this an internet thing? or is it highly edited for TV?

  3. This is aimed at men? To piss them off, maybe?
    IMHO, for single guys, this is a stronger argument for staying single than buying dimaonds (!), regardless of the little attempts at humor here and there.
    Married ones might watch, chuckle and nod, but they’re far too wise in the ways of married life to think that an expensive gift is gonna buy them peace for more than a week or two.
    And for women, it seems to say “Honey, I picked this out just to placate you.” Just what every gal wants to hear, no?
    In total: how anything-but-romantic. Ugh. Stuff like this goes over well on The View, I guess, and I’m sure it was fun to make, but I found the attitude behind it pretty annoying, not to mention kind of sad.

  4. @David – Yes, it’s an internet thing. And what I didn’t say in the post above–because I say it all the timeā€”is how large the creative opportunity is when the content distribution model is digital. In other words, we are now free to make little films, episodic shows, branded documentaries, etc. We can invest in production, because distribution is almost free. Creatively speaking, that’s an advance.

  5. too bad more of us don’t know to put our ahole husbands on the site.

  6. too bad more of us don’t know to put our ahole husbands on the site.