Southwest Puts Its People Out Front

Southwest Airlines has entered the bloatosphere with a site called “Nuts About Southwest.”
The airline has recruited contributors from all parts of their organization to join in. Brian Lusk, Manager of Customer Communication and Corporate Editor, gets the ball rolling, albeit tentatively.

For us, the experience is a lot like going on a blind date—will our readers like us? Can we find something to talk about? And most importantly, will they come back again to post their own messages? We promise that we are a lot more fun than most blind dates… Well at least we hope so, and we hope that you are as Nuts about Southwest as we are. Our goal is to earn a bookmark on your browser, or even better, a RSS feed on your reader, by making our corporate blog interesting, timely, and FUN for all involved. We look at this blog as the place where our Employees “come out to play,” and we hope you will join us on the playground with this blog by posting your own comments. We are really excited to show the blogosphere a behind the scenes viewpoint of our folks.

Blind dates and childhood playgrounds? Sounds kind of scary. Don’t worry Brian, the blog will only hurt occasionally.

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  1. David, I never did well with blind dates, and I still bear the scars of my childhood playgrounds, but Nuts About Southwest has been tons of fun. Thanks for the encouragement, and I am glad those horrible dates and the teeter-totters are behind me!