Sometimes The Commercials Write Themselves

Joseph Jaffe of Jaffejuice put together a rough clip of Tiger Woods’ amazing shot at the 16th hole of The Masters yesterday for a spot Nike & Wieden & Kennedy should–and probably will–do.
Check it out here.
That’s CBS’s Verne Lundquist making the call–and it couldn’t have been scripted any better.

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  1. Great moment in sports, but I fail to see how Jaffe thinks he’s created a viral spot from the footage.
    In true new marketing spirit, I’ve created what should be the next Nike commercial. It’s a tribute to Tiger. It’s a tribute to Creativity. It’s the embodiment of everything the Nike brand stands for.
    One commentator on Jaffe’s blog calls him on it.
    Don’t you actually mean, “I put ‘Just Do It’ on the end.”

  2. Yeah, I think Jaffe’s a little too proud of himself in that quote, but he put the thing together first.
    He’s getting paid in compliments and trackbacks. That’s about it.

  3. Sure, but what’s his motivation? To think W+K needs any help making a great spot from this footage is even more pompous than his back-slapping copy.

  4. I’ll second David Burn…Plus, don’t you think Nike had an inkling that this type of moment would eventually arrive when they produced the new Nike line of golf balls?
    Nothing like product placement…Ask them about Brandi Chastain.

  5. Tiger: Just Do It