Some Ad Guys Are Real Creeps

“Quiznos Marketing Exec Arrested in Chat Room Sex Sting” the Ad Age headline rings out, having made its way from the New York Post’s newroom.
Quiznos’ senior VP of marketing, Scott Lippitt, 47, faces at least five felony charges, including criminal attempt at sexual assault on a child; enticement of a child; contributing to the delinquency of a minor; internet luring; and internet sexual exploitation of a child, according to documents from the Fremont County Court clerk’s office in Colorado.
Lippitt allegedly wanted to teach a 13-year old girl “how to be a woman.”

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  1. puts a twisted spin on things if he also approved the tagline, “mmm. Toasty!”

  2. Don’t they use little puppets in their advertising. These are fucking clues people. Someone should have caught this guy sooner.

  3. actually, the new quizno tagline—which has even sicker twists— reads: eat up.

  4. NoIdeaAboutSarcasm says:

    This is an outrage, this guy has been all over the kiddie porn boards as of lately… He’s been trying every trick in the book: looking for the new “Mikey” with the old “hole in the bottom of the box” trick. “Casting” kids for a new Calvin Klein campaign that’s “edgy”. This dude’s a real sicko… Plus – he’s on the board for the ASPCA in his hometown… makes you think, huh?

  5. i used to work with this guy. he was a self-righteous prick. he went to duke, he ran the account, blah, blah, blah… he’s a sick bastard. i just feel bad for his wife and kids. they can do better.

  6. Kate Kinear says:

    I used to work with him too and Holden is correct, he’s a self righteous prick. All he ever did was talk non-stop (and I mean NON STOP) about himself. I can understand why normal women wouldn’t want him and why he resorted to teens. I can’t wait for his conviction so they can run the headline:
    “JUSTICE IS SERVED!…with toasted toppings on asiago bread.”

  7. Whatever happened to “innocent until proven guilty” in this country? Sounds like Holden and Kate have some sharp axes to grind…without having any of the facts….when you’re as angry as you two are, it’s like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die….do you feel relieved now that you’ve posted your bile in public? Whew!

  8. orli's ho says:

    i dated this guy long ago. never got the impression he was into children, not once. i’m completely shocked and i pray for his family.

  9. Well “LJ”, He WAS proven guilty. He served a jail term which was way too short. So I guess it proves Holden and Kate were right and were speaking the truth. Scott Lippitt is a pedophile and a disgusting man. It is just the truth, not “bile” It is not just a sexual deviance but a sexual crime to want to have sex with a 13 year old girl. I heard that he is still married and his wife is pathetic because she can’t get anyone better and can’t leave this sexual predator. He had no consideration for his family and kids but most sexual criminals have uncontrollable desires and he has to live with these for the rest of his life.