Social Strategies Move The Needle

Chris Brogan aims to give social media a good name by moving his clients’ business agendas forward.

I am captain of a very small pirate ship. We aim to work in the service of companies who can no longer wait for their fleet to hold their tea ceremonies, shine the brass, and paint the trim. 2009 is a down and dirty year for budgets, and a down and dirty year for building market value. I aim to help people execute.

That’s pretty solid self-promo copy.
Here Brogan outlines what his clients are asking for:

They want actual strategies with definition and detail. They want a better understanding of how the tools go together and which ones will make the best impact for their business goals. They want a whole lot more than “you’ve gotta get on Twitter,” and they want it to demonstrate impact, but have a path for sustainability. They want it not to be an island, but to be tied logically back to the right parts of the business.

Brogan also argues that social media is not a marketing tool. My response to that is everything is a marketing tool. We’re the great absorbers of the world.

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