Social Ethnographer Calculates You Tube’s Worth

Tom Asakcer recommends this video spoofing Google’s latest high-dollar acquisition.

I love the line from one of the actors, “Wow, I’ve been using YouTube for like four months and I had no idea these were videos. I thought they were pictures. This is great.”

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  1. was that the song “dominoco dominoco?? so cool!!!!!!!!!!!
    was that the from the flying nun? or where was that from?

  2. Hey Tom,
    I keep on watching this recommendation. Maybe because it is as easy or even easier for me to identify with the few YouTube story lines i actually enjoy as for me to identify with the great Greek classics.
    Anyway, i can’t help identifying a post the other day where i said I HATE SURVEYs with the ending on this video. Is this why somebody keeps on saying that all this stuff is surreal postings. Cause i really don’t get the meaning of surreal anymore.
    It all just is.
    ( and of course i always get emotional at those sweet mother-child scenes)

  3. ännchen says:

    ich kenn die Familie sehr gut weil ich bei der wohne.
    heilige bim bam—das ist eben confidential…oder?