Soap So Strong It Washes The Web

I’m really glad Gavin Mevius of took the time to describe the inner workings of, a digital promo from Axe Bodywash, a.k.a. Lynx, because my brain might have blown a gasket trying to decode it.

The experience starts on a fake Men’s Magazine known as Ralph, set to a remix of KiD CuDi’s Day n’ Nite.
What follows is a story that brings you through several recognizable places on the internet, with the next stop being Quiksilver (the clothing company) where a pool party literally spills out of its video box.

And on from there, until one ends up at the Facebook page for Lynx. The page has 34,587 fans at the time of this post.
The digital campaign is the work of independent Australian gaming company agency, Soap Creative.

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  • Dave

    Just an FYI – Ralph’s not a fake men’s magazine. It’s a real one here in Australia:

  • Gavin M.

    Sorry about that. I promise to research my Men’s magazines a bit better next time.

  • Livemercial Sarah

    WOW…this is one of the most interesting ads I’ve seen in a while! I would have never been able to decode it either, but I’m glad I ran across it through your post! Unique to say the least. Thanks!

  • Alex

    Hi David, glad you like the campaign. Just a point of correction, Soap is a full-service digital agency. We’re known for our games but also hopefully much more.
    But many thanks for the mention!