Soap Maker Wipes Away Artifice

Thanks to Greedy Girl for pointing to Dove’s new Campaign For Real Beauty.
Greedy Girl says, “I

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  1. Of course, advertising (effective and not) has been about projecting false realities for as long as anyone can recall.Yep. Greedy Girl views this as “creating positive futures” for ourselves; maybe occasionally it does. More often I suspect it helps us to fashion an unhappy present.
    Perhaps Dove does represent a move away from this unhappy practice.

  2. “An unhappy present” is preceisely what leads so many to the plastic surgeon’s office–a growing trend I find totally disgusting.
    As we continue to discuss ethics in advertising, one area that needs to be closely examined is the practice of airbrushing images. The women on magazine covers and in ads, do not, in fact, look that way in real life. Yet, too many real women want to emulate this falseness.
    Here again, we have blatant false advertising and we can see the results, plain as day. Not pretty.

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