Snapshot of AdPulp’s Twitter Feed As News Of Bin Laden’s Death Poured In Last Night

Twitter was alive last night, as the American public processed the news of Osama Bin Laden’s death on the group stream of consciousness utility of choice.

I have to say, I was put off by many of the cheerleaders for Team USA (not shown above), and consequently thankful for Derek Powazek and others who helped bring some levity to situation.

As you can see from the above, humor also had a role to play last night. Interestingly, comedian Heather Gold said, “This is one of those moments online where it really feels like being together w folks. Sorry social media haters. It’s not ‘avoiding’ life.”

I didn’t feel that way about it. Did you?

This morning I saw a Tweet that captured my mood entirely, courtesy of this fine 25-century old quotation: “Conduct your triumph as a funeral” -Lao Tzu.

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  1. “Conduct your triumph as a funeral” -Lao Tzu.

    Unfortunately, too many Americans have had funerals the past 10 years. Don’t see the shame in people experiencing pride.