Slurpee Makes P.R. Team Speak Dinosaur

7-Eleven, Inc. has launched a month-long celebration of Slurpee’s 40th birthday with Slurpee Summer Prize Fest, including free music downloads and the chance to win one of four MINI Cooper convertibles.
Here’s how their dinosaur-speaking p.r. team wants us to see it:

Today, Slurpee is one of America’s most recognized brands, but when Slurpee was introduced in 1965 it was a groundbreaking concept that took America by storm. Still served at a chilling 28 degrees, Slurpee enjoys worldwide popularity and is available in 14 countries and U.S. territories.
“A lot has changed since 1965, but not Slurpee. It’s the ultimate retro drink, still cool even after 40 years,” said Kevin Cooper, 7-Eleven category manager for Slurpee and fountain. “That’s why we decided to have some fun this summer with some of the crazy ’60s Slurpee flavors like Blue Blunder Berry and Gully Washer.”
“Slurpee is truly an iconic American brand,” said Wendy Liebmann, founder and president, WSL Strategic Retail. “Slurpee was one of the defining icons of American pop culture in the 1960s. Forty years later, it still resonates with a broad base of consumers who see it as their big chilly drink of choice.”

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