Do You Like Your Skittles Mashed?

The new launched last week and left the self-absorption of their own website behind to focus on the social networking aspects of the Web.
The new homepage offers a widget navigation element positioned over a page showing real-time Tweets referencing Skittles. “Product” pages pull in content from Wikipedia, “Media” pulls in Flickr and YouTube content, while “Friends” hits their Facebook page.
It’s worth noting that the new Skittles site is a direct lift of Modernista’s site. You know what they say about imitation.

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  1. I love the commitment to social media, but it’s definitely risky. (For instance, after the launch, many people starting tagging all of their tweets w/ #skittles, even if they weren’t related, so that they’d show up on
    If it works though, I expect more companies to follow this model.

  2. Search the Twitter stream for “Skittles”.