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If you’re a skater, Real Simple Syndication (RSS), just got simpler. To keep up on the latest news from Roller Warehouse, and to share that news on your own web site or MySpace page, you can now add a bit of code and presto–instant skater-specific newsfeed.

Roller Warehouse: Aggressive Rollerblade Skates
On the news ticker, each topic contains the first 30 to 40 words of the article. Clicking on a topic takes you back to the company’s original blog page where you can read the entire text.
Since starting the program, sales on the company’s main shopping site are up over 10%.

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  1. Hey! Thanks for the great article!
    Wanted to give you an update- we started a deal that rewards all of the skaters that post the Rolling News on their pages with 5% off on orders they place at the skate shop. It’s working out really well for everyone.
    Thanks again,
    Rick D.
    Roller Warehouse