Sir Paul Rock God

The NFL has come a long way in one year. They cut the Cheeze Whiz from the halftime menu and went with a live mini-concert from a rock legend, who obviously still rocks the house, or the world as the case may be.
Sir Paul opened his four-song set with “Drive My Car” right into a rockin’ “Get Back”. “Live And Let Live” from the Wings era was up next, then the former Beattle moved to the piano and delivered a sentimental “Hey Jude” closer.
“Thank you Super Bowl,” said Sir Paul as he departed the stage. Exactly. Thank you Super Bowl.
p.s. The most memorable spot of the first half was from GoDaddy, if you ask me. Sometimes bad is good and this could be one of those times for the domain name purveyor.

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  1. Question of the day:
    What percentage of TV viewers, upon seeing Paul sing “Live & Let Die,” thought that he was doing a cover version of a Guns ‘n Roses song?

  2. Guns and who?

  3. There were no memorable tv spots in the super bowl. There WERE a pair of memorable mammaries, however, sponsored by
    Exactly what IS, however, I forgot.