Sir Martin’s Fat Wallet Loses Tons Of Weight

Adfreak picked up on a London Times piece detailing Sir Martin Sorrell’s divorce. Sorrell is chairman of WPP, the world’s second largest ad agency holding company.

Court papers reveal that the advertising magnate must hand over a £23.4 million lump-sum plus their £3.2 million Georgian townhouse.
Also among Lady Sorrell’s spoils are two underground parking spaces at Harrods in Knightsbridge, West London, worth nearly £200,000, and £2 million of bank deposits.
Lady Sorrell’s payout is the latest in a long line of judgments that recognise the contribution of women to the financial success of their husbands, regardless of whether they have worked themselves.

A comment left by Peter D. on Adfreak’s site:

How the hell does this meet the criteria of news worthy. I thought AdAge should have been ashamed of themselves for sensationalizing this thing. It has no business being reported on in a trade/business journal.

Yeah, that’s what blogs are for.

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  1. Does anyone know why parking spaces at a freakin’ department store are worth so much? Or why they’re bought and sold in the first place?
    I’m an ignorant American and I’ve never been to Harrod’s.

  2. Hey, Danny G… If you had ever gone to Harrods you’d know why a parking space costs so much… A cup of fucking tea costs about 20 quid… That’s about $30!!!