Agreeable Fliers Found In Virgin Airspace

Are you a Virgin American? Apparently they’re quite the quirky lot. Sean Gannan at Anomaly says, “Despite being a diverse and distinctive group of folks they can, impresario and idealist alike, find things to agree on – be it spectacular shoes, the relative merits of onboard plugs, or a celebratory bag of potato chips.”

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  1. You know David, it’s a cute spot, but if it’s web-only, then I’m not so sure about it: why would anyone watch it/pass it on? It’s a clever product-sell, but not the sort of thing you’d really pass along.
    On TV, however, or even in the movies, it would seem very fresh, especially coming from an airline.
    Do you know where it runs?

  2. Sean Ganann says:

    Well it’s actually not meant to be a spot so much – it’s one of a sort of loose series of conversations that all live on with more to come.