Shopping For Pointy Shoes? Cool, Buy A Car.

Ford Fiesta is chillin’ with the hipsters in Portland this month.
According to The Oregonian, Ford will share space with a clothing retailer Local35 by day. At night, the so-called “pop-up” shop will host parties and a concert series put on by Spin Magazine.
The pop-up shop aims to introduce the car to those young consumers in a more authentic way, said Jeff Guettler, president of Taow, the Portland-based marketing firm that developed the pop-up strategy — which they call a “cultural hub” — for Ford.
“It’s all about the brand experience,” Guettler said. “(Ford) knew they had to create some kind of way to experience the car on their own terms.”

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  1. i’m reserving one hand to count the number of fiestas sold through this awesome effort. this has little to do with “experiencing the brand on one’s own terms.” it’s a blatant, lime green ad parked next to some cool t-shirts. (good luck to local35, though.)
    i think what they’ve created is a hipster litmus test:
    “you going to that party at the ford fiesta pop-up store?”
    “for sure, bro. totally rad.”
    “sounds great. i’ll meet you there.”