Shoot A Duck, Pop A Cork

Hope Family Wines from Paso Robles, California produces some fine wines under their Liberty School and Treana labels. The kind of wine you might showcase in an ad with artisan cheese and crackers. But when it comes to Austin Hope’s under twenty-dollar Candor Wine brand, he’s not getting caught up in any wine industry clichés.

When he’s not on the hunt for ducks or boar, Hope continues to find innovative ways to produce, market and sell his wines. In the last two years alone, he’s launched two multi-vintage wine brands, the WineDJ iPhone app which pairs wines to music, and will soon launch a high-end boxed wine called Harvester. He has also marketed his wines at unconventional destinations, such as indie-music festival SXSW in Austin, TX.

“Wine should be fun,” says Hope.

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