Sexually Explicit Double Entendre

In the sexually repressed North American nation where I reside, alcohol advertisements can not make claims that one’s sexual attractiveness or performance will be heightened by the selection of the correct beer, wine or spirit.
Apparently, Japan has no such controls. Witness this Ogilvy Japan ad for Corona:
In case you missed it, the copy says, “Grind it in deeper.”
[via Hidden Persuader]

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  1. teeveedubya says:

    oh stop it corona. just stop it.

  2. peobably produced while neil french was still wpp worldwide creative director…?

  3. Not likely. When penning an ad, French eschews the obvious concept and instead focuses on communicating the actual benefit of the product. Usually to devastatingly simple effect.
    IMHO, French is as close to Bill Bernbach we’ll see in our lifetime.

  4. f’ccukta blogging software!… how can you edit your post without reposting?