SEO Humor Cracks Me Up

I bet you didn’t know there was such a thing as search engine optimization (seo) humor. Surprise! There is.
Yesterday, Steve Rubel said he was going to stop using Yahoo, because a senior executive there claimed Yahoo was content being number two in search, behind Google. Rubel only searches with winners.
sem | antics picked up on this Rubelian revelation, and then delivered these nuggets to the bloatosphere:

Sunnyvale, CA — In a surprise move today, search giant and internet information portal Yahoo! restated its business goals for 2006. The company’s new prime directive?
Bring back Steve Rubel.
In further fallout, CFO/EVP Susan Decker, whose original quote appeared in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, has been bridled as well. While no formal demotion is evident, reports from Sunnyvale indicate that in future interviews, Decker will be limited to answers of 70 characters or less.
Including spaces.

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