Seeing Opportunity In The Mass-Media Melt Down

John Podhoretz writing in the New York Post yesterday had this to say:

The mass-media melt down is happening everywhere you look

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  1. David:
    I agree that smart content is the answer. No matter what the world looks like in ten to 15 years, there’s gonna be employment for people who really know how to create things that reach other people. It’s an exciting time to be a creative. Or, at least, it should be. But, weirdly, most of us in the biz can’t or won’t recognize the opportunity to be a pioneer.
    I was at a creative director’s conference not so very long ago and you should have heard the wailing. It’s amazing to me that there are so many creative leaders (smart, succesful people) who absolutely refuse to accept that the business firma is shifting beneath them in seismic fashion. “Everyone still watches TV!” they said. “It still works!”
    Okay, fine. I guess that’s not an entirely wrong position. Yet.
    But none of these smart, talented people was really thinking beyond “the spot.” Seriously, one guy, (a One Show winning CD with a reel that would make anyone drool) said, “What’s a blog?” Dude, I am not freakin’ kidding. And neither was he.
    Secretly, however, I rejoiced at the scene. And this brings me to the point:
    Please don’t post about this topic any longer. Stop trying to convince the idiots. Let those sleeping dinosaurs lie around the pool at the Lowes in Santa Monica for a little while longer. Just think of it as a new business strategy for those of us who see the asteroid coming.

  2. Well, I hope American Copywriter (either John or Tug) is right. But hey David, post all you want about it–if these CD’s don’t know what blogs are they’re never going to read this anyway.