See No Evil

from Middle East Online: British Muslim activists have stepped up a campaign to deface or rip down advertising billboards featuring scantily-clad women in communities with large numbers of Muslims.
Ads for perfume, hair dye, bras and television programs are among those that have been attacked. Photographs of semi-dressed women are the most frequently targeted, with the offending body parts painted over or ripped off.
Muslims Against Advertising (MAAD), based in Birmingham, says on its website that it believes in “direct action” and “has paint and isn

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  1. It’s good to see that British Muslims are blending in so well with British society. Makes you wonder why they went there in the first place. If I’m correct, they could have remained under tight constraints by the Taliban and others elsewhere, and saved moving expenses.

  2. In America, we expect people to assimilate. Personally, I want people to hold on to their culture. One reason Chicago is as vibrant as it is, has everything to do with it being a home to people from all parts of the world. I don’t want them to start acting like people raised in the burbs. That would truly suck.
    This is not to say the Muslim Brits in question here ought to be destroying property. Plus, it seems so silly and desperate. Even worse, it’s totally void of humor.