See All This Content? I Also Provide It To Clients

“Keep your day job, until your night job pays.” -Hunter/Garcia

If there is one lesson I might share with you from nearly a decade as an ad blogger, it is this: Do not start with a blog and then go looking for a business to support it. Business first, then blog.

The reality is I made this correction several years ago, and now I put more time and energy into Bonehook is my marketing services company—it’s the way I make my way in the world. AdPulp is a side-project.

Understand, I am a big believer in side-projects. There are dozens of reasons to pursue a side-project, and just as many benefits. Yet, by definition, a side-project is not one’s main gig.

That people sometimes perceive AdPulp to be my day job throws me, but when I step back and look at it I do see the compliment there and I appreciate it.

Given that I build brands for a living, it was important for me to build one here. This fact also ladders perfectly with my specialization in content and social media marketing. Many lifestyle brands need their own AdPulp—no, not an advertising blog—a deep daily dive into an important topic.

If you work for a brand and you need help with content strategy, plus the implementation of a workable, affordable execution plan, give me a ring. I’m at 503-970-3862. I’ve done it here for nearly a decade, and on behalf of clients, for even longer.

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  2. This really resonates with me and quite frankly opened my eyes. I never thought about “my” side project as something that needs a ‘daily deep dive’ – but what you say is spot on. Start with a business, build the blog later. Getting caught up making a slick website ( and writing content can detract from the main goal of building a real business. Valuable lesson here…