Sears CEO Goes From Hedge Fund Manager To Marketing Guy

This from Ad Age:

Sears Holdings Corp. Chairman Eddie Lampert has demoted Sears CEO Alan Lacy, replacing him with former Kmart CEO Aylwin Lewis, while expanding his own role in day-to-day merchandising and marketing duties.
Analysts and industry watchers lambasted Mr. Lampert’s move to take a more active role in merging marketing at Sears and Kmart, saying the hedge-fund manager and financier, whose company ESL Investments orchestrated the Sears/Kmart merger, should stick to what he knows best.
“Lampert is a smart guy, but what makes him think he is qualified to do this?” asked George Whalin of Retail Management Consultants of San Diego. “I think this is about Lampert being a control freak. The competence of the retailers he’s competing against — Wal-Mart and Target — all have highly experienced people handling merchandising and marketing right now. This is clearly not for people who don’t know what they are doing.”

At this rate, who knows—maybe he’ll be head of FEMA next week.

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  1. annoymous says:

    A purchase on May 26, 2007 of a Kenmore Washer, Dryer and a top of the line French-door refrigerator/bottom freezer has resulted in a problem with the advertised rebates due within 6-8 weeks. An inquiry today (7/30/07) 2 months and 2 days after rebate form sent 5/28/07 indicated a check $338 short had supposedly been mailed a week ago. Really??? The phone procedure to finally get someone(she could barely be understood) to get this info is ludicrous and bordering on criminal!!! This contact then had the nerve to suggest resubmission of rebate request (which was properly submitted originally — and documented with copies) to Sears Redemption Center, Box 752085 El Paso, TX 88575-2085 which would mean another 6-8 weeks delay in getting our money as advertised by Sears. Fraudulent advertising anyone? The rebate industry has already draw the attention of Congressional hearings for dragging heels in giving refunds, not following through as advertised, etc. The local Sears mgr. may find himself in small claims court if we do not get our $338 posthaste!!!

  2. samuel salazar says:

    This is a message to Mr. lampert Ceo of Sears. I purchased a husqurvana push mower. I purchased it only this year in March or so. It is still under warranty so I sent it in to the San Marcos,Tx. Sears store to be checked out.I was informed about the problem so I refused the estimate for service because I had talked to the store where I made the original buy and they told me to bring it by when I got the mower back. The mower was taken 10-10-07 expected ready date was 10-26-97 but like I say I refused service so it should have arrived 10-19-07. I recieved calls from an 800 number to pick up the mower and their is no mower to pick up. I have been patiently waiting an mgr. of store has not found the whereabouts of my mower nor even called me with any courtiesy to inform me of the mower. I am making faithful monthly payments on a mower I do not have and have had to borrow and even had to rent a mower to keep up with my needs.I would very much appreciate a call from someone who has authority to had a situation like this because I am not getting any where with the local mgr. E-mail or better a call to home number, (512)-353-4820 or cell phone number (512)618-8001.Please contact A.S.A.P. Samuel Salazar e-mail P.S. I was under the understanding when I purchased these two items a mower and chainsaw that I had interest free account for one year promo.Again please reply A.S.A.p. because it is costing me to rent when I should not have to.

  3. rutanya alda says:

    I paid 2000 for a service warranty for my appliances to be services for the next 3 years. I will never do it again. The word service does not apply to Sears anymore. When my washer broke down, they will not come for 2 weeks and when they do come they do not guarantee repairs as they in all probablity will not have the part in the truck, so it will be another 2 weeks or more to fix it. The “service”dept. takes great delight in not being able to help and puts me on hold for hours at a time till their own system disconnects me. This went on for 2 days. Please do not every use Sears, buy anything at Sears ever again. I have cut up my Sears card.

  4. Sue Steppelman says:

    My daughter purchased a stove and a refrigerator from Sear’s. The icemaker broke immeidately and the stove’s oven smoked up the entire house and then it becamse discolored on the outside due to the smoke. The smoke stain will not come off.
    NO one will help her. NO one at Sear’s cares. One repairman, when coming out to see the stove actually said, “Oh well, this stove is really only made for a lake home, not for a home which will use it every DAY.” Does ANY one out there know who we might write about this for some help!!? Please put “Sears” in the e-mail so I will know to open it.

  5. Robert Ferlita Jr. says:

    I purchased 2 refrigerators from Sears the same day. One was a dent and return for my parents (Kenmore) I purchased a frigadaire (a new one that can be either refigerator or freezer.)
    The Kenmore went in my parents house next door to my house.
    The frigadare did not run right-froze all my food. I called the number the store gave me in Norfolk, Ne. A repair man came and determined that they had put in 2 freezer controls instead of one of each. It froze my food overnight. He also ordered a part and repaired my old refigerator (an old Magic Chef) because he told me it could be a long time before he could get the part for the new frig. For this service I paid him $90 in cash. The store finally ordered a replacement frigerdaire but the same day it arrived so did the part so I had the frigerdaire in my house fixed. I went a month with a new frig that did not work. I purchased the extra insurance and now the store will not honor the food I lost. We have jumped through all the requirement and can not get this straighten out. We bought the extra insurance on the new frigeradaire because they could not give us any reassurance about how reliable this frig would be. The repairman was paid in cash as he requested. If he is running a scam than Sears should stop that. Robert Ferlita Jr. 711 South 3rd St Norfolk N. 68701 Phone Number 402 992 4334.

  6. James Hoff says:

    Do those of you who posted complaints to the CEO of Sears realize this isn’t a Sears forum and he’ll never read your posts here? Retards!