Schoenberg Becomes Burrito Man

AdAge reports that, “Chipotle Mexican Grill today named TDA Advertising & Design, Denver, its agency of record.” And that, “A phone call to the agency for comment wasn’t immediately returned.”
Had the call been returned, perhaps AdAge would have learned that TDA is actually located in Boulder, that wheat grass drinking college town, 30 miles to the northwest of Denver.

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  1. wow. we get the latest ad news, plus lessons in cartography. thanks, david.

  2. Cartography? Come on. This is the very essence of cultural geography.

  3. I hear that the old critter who started tda is burned out and about to retire and schoenberg is completely taking over. He’s planning on moving the creatives to Jackson Hole for the fishing and has been promoting the low cost housing in Driggs.

  4. Carl LaFong says:

    FYI, looks like TDA will be profiled in the May/June CA.

  5. Bob,
    That’s an interesting rumor/tip/theory. Riddell seems to have gone quiet since the sale, but I imagine they’re still putting out nice work. Anyway, two killer boutiques in one mountainous setting sounds good to me. It seems to be working in Bend, OR, where there are three small shops of note.