Saying Apple Computers Are Expensive Is A Priceless Strategy for Microsoft

Apple Inc. legal representatives asked Microsoft Corp. two weeks ago to “stop running” advertisements suggesting Apple’s computers are expensive.
According to The Wall Street Journal, the interaction has emboldened Microsoft, which plans to continue with its “Laptop Hunter” marketing campaign after learning how effective the advertisement’s underlying message is in rankling Apple.
Microsoft Chief Operating Officer Kevin Turner said, “We’re just going to keep running them and running them and running them.”
The ads are more than annoying, they appear to be working. In May, Brandindex, which measures the strength of brands, said Microsoft’s “value perception” had increased while Apple’s fell.

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  1. Fortyver says:

    And of course it is a perception, a wrong one at that.
    Of course, the ads do not apprise the consumer that
    what comes in a Apple Laptop, not to be added later,
    justifies the cost. Add the components that come stock
    in a Apple laptop, then the cost of the PC laptop rises
    in price and at times surpasses the cost of the Apple
    laptop. Truth in advertising? Essentially true, but not

  2. …and of course, Apple would NEVER produce an ad that slighted Microsoft, would they? I like Apple, but this is hypocracy.