Say, Can I Have Some Purple Berries? Yes, I’ve Been Eating Them For Six Or Seven Weeks Now. Probably Keep Us Both Alive.

Earlier this week Kraft – which makes its namesake cheese singles, Philadelphia cream cheese and Oscar Mayer meats – posted a 13% drop in first- quarter net income amid surging costs for dairy, wheat and other commodities.
According to Dow Jones, food manufacturers like Kraft Foods are blaming ethanol producers for cost increases.

Kraft’s Chief Executive Irene Rosenfeld has been in Washington in recent weeks to talk to key decision makers on the diversion of corn for biofuels. “This was a policy that was well intentioned but has had some unintended consequences that have exacerbated commodity increases in certain parts of the world causing people to go hungry,” she said.

People are going hungry? Or companies aren’t making their numbers and “people” aren’t getting their bonuses? Either way, it’s bad news.

Meanwhile, corn growers are in Washinton defending their position.

“While we do have some role in higher corn prices, we’re closer to a Little Bo Peep than an ax murderer,” said Rick Tolman, President of the National Corn Growers Association at the National Press Club.

Archer Daniels Midland Co. is a big ethanol producer, so it’s ADM vs. Kraft. I’m a big fan of clean energy, so I want to side with ADM and the corn growers who supply them. But the better idea is clearly to buy locally at farmer’s markets, grow a garden, buy a fishing pole, clean the shotgun, etc.
When’s the last time you went hunting and/or gathering?

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  1. I go gathering in the alley behind my house every spring for dandelion greens for salads. Free, organic and fantastic in the bowl.
    Last week I was in Lexington, NC and noticed a building lot with a ton of wild onions growing in it. It has a few less now and I had a good bowl of soup for basically free.
    When we go canoing (also free!), we also take a hike around the property to a berry patch we know about. Yeah … summa dem purple ones! Goes great with the cereal the next morning.
    Foraging is nearly a lost art in the US … but it looks like it’s due for a resurgence!

  2. I’m glad this post turned up a forager. Welcome BillinDetroit!
    I hope you foraged your way to some Lexington Barbecue last weekend.