Saturn Asks That We “Rethink American”

I’m posting this print ad for Saturn’s Aura because what they’re saying here is key to the resurgence of the American car market. Simply “Buying American” is not sufficient when the product is inferior. Then one’s patriotism and concern for American labor actually costs a great deal, unnecesarily.

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  1. Yes, convincing folks of simply “Buying American” is not sufficient, the US auto industry really needs to learn this lesson here.

  2. Fantastic. Deutsch usually punts–on every down–but they actually did something of value here.
    And by “they” I mean the creatives.
    And by “creatives” I mean whoever wrote it.

  3. and to think, i got hosed for writing this (among other truisms) in my book a while back. (but not by u guys. lol)