Ryan And Montague Conduct JWT’s DNA Transplant…Receive Accolades From Business Press

Fast Company is rehashing some old articles to make up a year end feature called, “Top Ten Creative Minds of 2006.” Rosemarie Ryan and Ty Montague of JWT, profiled in June, made the cut.
It’s a long piece, so I’ll just offer one small bit that I like. It’s about Montague’s first meeting with Kimberly-Clark’s new president of North American Family Care, Mark Scott. Montague related his philosophy of advertising as postmodern storytelling–how good campaigns shatter a narrative into a million pieces, then scatter the fragments across TV, print, the Web, the street, anywhere.
According to the Fast Company account, Scott said, “I’d like one of those, please!’

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  1. can anyone tell me one interesting thing jwt new york has done in the last year? i dont get it. they must have a very good pr person.

  2. the new media multiplatform game is the easiest talking pt in the business.