Rotten Apple Or Sour Grapes?

According to USA TODAY, Apple stores represent 50% of the company’s retail sales. That’s great news for the computer maker, but not such welcome news for independent Apple resellers. In fact, some resellers are upset enough to litigate. Tom Santos, a San Francisco reseller said his business dropped 50% overnight, following the opening of the Apple store in Union Square.

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  1. Some Mac users are like fat sarcastic Star Trek fans, not that there’s anything wrong with that.
    But I beleive in free enterprise, and who is not going to want to go kneel at the god.

  2. Oh I’m Pro Apple DB – let me explain my short hand.
    Alot of Apple’s prominence and success had to do with the small local re-sellers who have been extremely loyal to these products all these years. In Salt Lake there is Mac Docs.
    You might compare this to when the Grateful Dead started playing ‘Touch of Gray” to stadium sized crowds – some hard core cult fans were alienated.
    Of course the small venues that have supported the rag-tag band all these year are going to feel Sour Grapes. Especially after being so tenatious and dedicated and now seeing their incomes slashed.
    But step and back and look at this. If you are really Apple to the core, you would love to go to one of these big flashy stores and see the whole Apple dream and lifestyle presented in an awe-inspiring way (the altar of the God).
    So if you love Apple, you continue to love Apple weather they play a 300 seat theater or a 100,000 seat stadium which has they ability to put on a much bigger, more awesome show.

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