Ronnie Ate Here

On Oct. 15, 1984, President Reagan stopped at a Northport, Alabama McDonald’s, where he ordered a Big Mac, large fries and sweet tea.
Now, Rick Hanna Sr., the new owner of the fast food restaurant, plans to commemorate this historic occasion by installing a bronze bust of the former president, inside a case with a halogen light shining on it 24 hours a day.
[via Everything Alabama]

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  • HighJive

    promotional headline to display near bust: an extra value meal won’t cost you a lot of dead presidents

  • Bob

    We’re winning the Cold War! All burgers and fries guaranteed hot.
    (I doubt anybody’s gonna beat HighJive’s.)

  • HighJive

    here’s another thought: if they’re gonna install a bust for the mickey d’s that reagan visited, somebody’s gonna have to start mass producing busts of clinton.

  • Milo

    Haha, laughed out loud highjive.