Romney Blasts The President On YouTube

Mitt Romney is rolling out the ads for online audiences. According to Mashable, the following attack ads are not running on TV in Iowa, New Hampshire or South Carolina, or on any other airwaves. Instead, the ads are “airing” exclusively inside these series of ‘tubes.

I’m interested in hearing your opinions of these ads. Please sound off in our comments below.

The first ad with the nervous camera angle is amateurish, and unnecessarily chest-thumping in my opinion.

The second ad on unfair trade practices in China is much harder hitting. Liberals believe Obama is overtly pro-business, but clearly, the other side doesn’t see it that way.

I wonder, do companies like Apple and HP need a friend in the White House to solve their China problems, or can they take care of themselves? And more to the point, is painting the President as weak on international business affairs an accurately thrown dart?

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  1. Ask GE’s Jeffery Immelt—he’s head of President Goldman Sach’s Job Council