The world of Rock, Paper, Scissors is a world divided. On one hand there is the authentic World RPS Society out of Toronto. On the other, we have the upstart USARPS, which on the surface seems fake. USARPS even has fake news on their web site, and not the good Comedy Central kind.
At the center of this battle is small winery from California and a mega brewer from St. Louis. Roshambo Winery has been conducting Pro-Am Championships in Healdsburg, CA for four years. They’re offering a $1700 purse this year. Now, Bud Light is muscling in on their action, by teaming with USARPS and hosting their own contest in Las Vegas with $50,000 going to the winner.
Apparently Scion is helping to sponsor the winery’s event this June. Maybe they could offer up some more cash, or a car, to even things out a bit.

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