Richard Kirshenbaum Just Wants To Have Fun

According to Adweek, Richard Kirshenbaum

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  1. estherc says:

    That’s how I’ve been living the past 7 years. I learned it after working in Europe for awhile. Americans are always in a rush and put the highest importance on the most mundane things. It’s ridiuclous actually. Then I realized that, once I relaxed and enjoyed myself, I got more award-winning work produced than ever before. While at the same time, my American cooworkers were running around the office like chickens without heads. My advice: Chill.

  2. You make Europe sound so civilized. I understand some southern Euros take naps. That’s a great thing. Maybe we could bring the nap into American agency life. Come to think of it, I had a colleague in Denver who fashioned a cardboard door for his cube and regularly slept off his hangovers. But Denver’s like that.

  3. Stephen Montgomery says:

    I have yet to get into the business. But, that is the way I want my career to look like. I have a question though, where should I go to school and what major?

  4. Hey Stephen,
    I don’t know enuf about you to say for sure, but advertising is about people and what motivates them. So any liberal arts course ought to help. English, history, philosophy, anthropology, sociology, etc. These disciplines provide a base, but then you need to know how to make ads. For that, an industry school like VCU, Portfolio Center, Creative Circus or Miami Ad School will put you on the path.

  5. Stephen Montgomery says:

    Thank you…

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