Rich Media for Poor Kids

Every year a different Chicago ad agency takes up Off the Street Club’s cause. This year it’s Euro RSCG’s turn and Steffan Postaer is stoked.

…if you go to videos of these delightful kids and staff as well as other surprises await you. You can actually pull children off the street and put them into the club! Poignant, hopeful and utterly human, it’s a gorgeous piece of interactive. Begging your pardon, but we are very proud to be behind it.

A gorgeous piece of interactive? No. It’s slow to load, built entirely in Flash (which Google’s spiders can’t crawl), and there’s no visible social play. But Euro and Postaer are pitching in to help those in need, so who cares about all that geeky stuff like how the Web works?

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  1. if the functionality and other elements are as bad as you say, don’t you think it will negatively impact responses and donations? seems like the agency was more concerned with getting buzz for themselves versus the cause. or maybe they need to hire some of the kids to help them figure out the web.