Rev Your Engine With NASCAR Fashion

According to USA TODAY, NASCAR wants to become a lifestyle brand that appeals directly to women, who comprise 40% of NASCAR’s fan base.

NASCAR is nudging its female fans to slip into something a little more comfortable — and fashionable.
NASCAR bikinis are coming this summer. NASCAR high heels and cowgirl boots are on tap. And NASCAR women’s leather jackets are showing up in fashion circles far from NASCAR winner’s circles.
Sales of NASCAR’s licensed merchandise have flattened at $2 billion, and the brand thinks it can boost product sales — and image — by courting female fans.
Five years ago, NASCAR sold $84 million in goods for women. This year, it expects to sell roughly $250 million, much of it online at

Do yourself a favor and click over to USA Today so you can check out the NASCAR pumps—they’re HOT.

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  1. just what the drivers needed: more heat.
    From another USA TODAY article

    But he says NASCAR drivers face another test: heat: “The insides of those race cars are well over 120 degrees, and they are encased inside five-layer, fireproof suits. It’s not so hot in an Indy car, mostly because the engine is behind and they’re open and they’re small.”