Repurposing Materials Used In Out of Home Advertising

Billboard 2 Swag takes billboard vinyl and turns it into products that are ideal for promotions or retail programs.
According to Brand Freak, the company is working with Los Angeles marketing agency, Midnight Oil Creative and its sibling production company LA Graphico, to make items from old movie billboards into wine bags, totes and eventually wallets, backpacks and other goodies.
“For us, it’s a sustainable calling card,” says Brandon Gabriel, principal at Midnight Oil, “and for the studios, it’s a continuous piece of marketing.” The company counts Hollywood heavyweights like Disney, Fox and Sony among its clients, and discussions are taking place with all of them about recycling their outdoor ads.
I like the idea a lot. Tons of vinyl otherwise headed to the landfill becomes instead pop culture artifacts and utilitarian tools. The only thing I don’t like is the fact that vinyl is a toxic material; thus, it’s something that people want to limit their exposure to.

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  1. Cool gear, but I had no idea vinyl was even a health concern. Thanks for the heads up.