Republicans Claim To Be Populists. Bud Light Claims To Be Drinkable.

I used to work on the Coors business, so I know how hopped up the Goldenites are on the concept of drinkability. If the idea is foreign to you, simply put the theory is it’s easier to drink more beer if it’s properly watered down and too cold too taste.
Now Bud Light wants some of the drinkability action, according to Adweek.

The new work seems to be a response to MillerCoor’s strategy to take on the No. 1 beer brand by positioning Miller Lite as a beer that offers “great taste” and Coors Light as “The world’s most refreshing beer.” The new Bud Light ads take on both slogans with mentions like “easy drinking taste” and “that just right taste that won’t fill you up.”

Say it isn’t so.

Keith Levy, vp, brand management at A-B, however, said the Bud Light campaign is not a direct response to competing brands, but the evolution of a concept that the brewer has been advertising since the fourth quarter of 2007.
“We’ve been on this for quite a while now,” said Levy. “It was a bit of an aha! [moment] for us as we looked at research. We have this unique superiority claim that other light beer brands don’t enjoy.

I know that people spend their lives researching things like “which mass produced American beer is most drinkable.” So, I want to be sympathetic. But alas, I can not. Beer is meant to have the flavor of hops. You can find such flavors in copious supply thanks to the legion of craft brewers who consistently brew truly “drinkable” beverages.

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  1. covenator says:

    real dish here is ddb chicago losing flagship account to euro.

  2. true dat

  3. covenator, ddb chicago didn’t “lose” Bud Light. A-B has a long history of using a lot of agencies. this is just another example. Euro just “won” this latest assignment i’m guessing.

  4. Euro won an assignment from A-B? The Euro Chicago office produced an ultra-lame project for Michelob, where they essentially mimicked Sam Adams. Euro president Ron Bess is constantly trying to tap his old Budweiser connections for work, but his agency is woefully unqualified to handle anything more than a minor project or in-store display. That place isn’t even a creative shop. Bess himself insists they’re more about strategy than creative, which is a loser’s excuse for lousy work.

  5. Sorry, just read the Adweek article, which was revised to state Euro produced the initial spots only. Anyone want to bet cash right now that the Euro spots suck? The descriptions sound lame. Even Sun-Times columnist Lewis Lazare was non-plussed, and he’s been kissing Euro’s ass ever since the joint bought him a free lunch.