Republican Chair of the House Budget Committee Proposes “The Path To Prosperity”

According to Fox News, Washington is buzzing about Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan’s take-no-prisoners approach to budget cuts — manifested in his budget proposal that would slash federal spending by $6.2 trillion over 10 years and overhaul health programs for the elderly and poor.

But it’s not just the 7th-term Congressman’s penchant for number crunching that’s drawing attention. He’s also selling his ideas like a true pitchman.

According to Fast Company, the video above took its inspiration from a BBC documentary by Swedish global health professor–and stats nerd–Hans Rosling.

“When people are talking about budgets, the audience has a tendency to doze off,” Dan Hayes of Freethink Media (the video’s producer), said. “We wanted to make the visuals compelling.”

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  1. One problem that showmanship can’t paper over – Ryan’s numbers are all fiction and will increase the USA’s race to the bottom –

    • Actually, showmanship can and does paper over many things, including these kind of crucial numbers.

      Once again, here is someone on the right who is incredibly skilled at packaging their agenda into something that resonates with people. Whereas people on the left tend to over think things and complicate them to a degree that negates the rightness of their arguments.