Reporters Write What They Know, But Sometimes They Do Not Know Enough

Vinny Warren is annoyed.

He’s annoyed because a Chicago Tribune reporter wrote a piece about how the da big guys in da Windy are sucking wind in a losing battle, while failing to recognize that there’s vibrant ad life outside the towers of Michigan Avenue.

For instance, Warren’s Cannes Lion winning shop, The Escape Pod.

Leo Burnett and DDB CHICAGO and DRAFTFCB are about as big as it gets.

Yet somehow they managed to be so uninteresting, as to be waaaay less interesting than us?

Now that doesn’t make me chest-puffingly proud.

Being more interesting than s**t that sucks is not the greatest boast.

But apparently it’s the case.

Warren is further annoyed that clients might see the Tribune piece and look upon Chicago agencies as second class citizens. In other words, it’s the kind of narrow frame journalism that’s bad for business.

I mention in the comments on Warren’s post that it’s a good thing we have our own industry press to read and write.

Full Disclosure: The Escape Pod is an AdPulp Sponsor and I’m a fan of the small, scrappy agency that just gets it done in Chicago and beyond.

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